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Get SMS online and sim hosting for unlimited messages, ways of using

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Our SMS service 5SIM provides the ability to use a temporary number to receive SMS text messages online from anywhere.
Today a lot of sites require SMS verification code for registration account. If you do not want to use your personal phone number to verify or activate account, use phone number 5SIM. Thus, there is no need for a SIM card in your mobile phone, only need access to the Internet. You can receive text messages via WEB interface or API.

You can note the following options for using online phone number for receiving text:

  • Create phone verified accounts without using your real number - the main and most common way to use sms verification service
  • Protect yourself from fraudulent websites that are asked to enter your phone number to download a file or watching a movie. You risk to get paid services and subscriptions, entering your phone number on these sites
  • Stop SMS spam, using disposable phone number 5SIM
  • Website promotion via SEO programs

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Help and support


  1. I want to receive another SMS, but the order time (15 minutes) has expired:
    Answer: The numbers are disposable and we have not the function of the repeat SMS.

  2. My account was blocked, I need to receive an SMS to the same number:
    Answer: The numbers are disposable and we have not the function of the repeat SMS.

  3. I do not receive SMS:
    Answer: Do not wait for SMS more than 3 minutes. Press the "Cancel" button and try to buy another number. We recommend that you try to buy numbers from different countries and operators, since the numbers are Beeline, Russia does not always receive SMS from all services.

  4. Payment did not come:
    Answer: Attach screenshot to ticket (use a third-party service and attach a screenshot as link) and write us payment's comment.

  5. Why I do not receive telegram code:
    Answer: Maybe you got the number of the Beeline, Russia. They do not always receive SMS from all services. Click the "Cancel" button and select the number of the other operator.